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QSC K2 Power Speakers IN STOCK

We are excited to offer the new QSC K2 Series Powered Speakers as an Authorized QSC Dealer

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ToneWood Amp in Stock!

We are an Authoirzed ToneWood Amp Dealer. You can now buy them directly on our website. Stop by to try the demo setup!

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New Inventory In Stock

We have been upgrading our inventory. We have a great selection of new Gemini speakers and DJ gear, Mackie, Soundcraft, and JBL Pro Audio equipment.

Many new guitar and bass effects in stock including Keeley, Electro Harmonix, T-Rex, Boss and more.

New lines of guitars in stock include Seagull, Godin, Schecter, Alvarez, Takamine, Dean, Hofner, Oscar Schmidt and more. We are now offering Free Shipping on many of these new guitars.

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We are excited to announce the formation of Springfield Rock School classes once again at Springfield Music Store.
Get ready to rock at Springfield Rock School, where you’ll play with fellow musicians of similar interests and abilities who have a passion and drive to rock out.
Hosted by two of Philadelphia’s finest musicians, Jeff Raffie and Joe Mass, you will receive instruction on everything relevant to forming, rehearsing, and performing with a rock band.
Check out this local working band that Jeff has helped to direct, Lil’ Rock

From Bon Jovi to Bootsy Collins, Joe Mass has worked with some serious Rock Stars and is one in his own right. Learn more about Joe Mass

The Rock School is an 8 week program and sessions will be held Monday or Tuesday afternoons. Please call the store at (610)543-2244 for more information or to enroll.

Live Sound and PA Setup Class – Saturday, August 23, 1pm

Our Live Sound and PA Setup Class is given by Tom Nixon. Tom is a top of the line professional musician as well as professional sound engineer who has over 40 years of live experience with numerous acts and musicians. Tom will be running a 1 1/2 hour class that will explain the ins and outs of running live sound and how to properly work a PA system. Tom will cover various topics explaining what you need to know to not only properly set up equipment but how to mix and make it sound legit. There will be two classes back to back weeks starting Saturday Aug 16 at 1:00 pm and then a week later Saturday August 23. The total cost is $75 for the two class sessions. Please call the store for more details and to reserve your spot: (610) 543-2244.

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