Ken Vogel

Music Teacher at Springfield Music Store, Springfield, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Ken Vogel

Instruments Taught:

Ken’s teaching experience spans over 30 years. A strong foundation of the basics and fundamentals are the core of his instruction. He specializes in teaching Rock, Double Bass, Jazz, Latin, Odd Meters, Polyrhythms, Hand Technique and Reading. Annually he presents student recitals and drum clinics. His summer Drum Camp programs have proven very successful. They feature such drum set styles as Rock, Jazz, Latin and World Music, as well as Percussion Ensemble and Drum Line. Students perform with a live band at some of the camps.

Ken is the author of six drum method and solo books including: Drum Set Unlimited, Melodic Solo Encounters For Drum Set, The Creative Rock Drummer. His articles have appeared in Modern Drummer Magazine, For Drum Instructors Only and The Creative Drummer Magazine.

Armand Santarelli and William Schinstine are two well known drummers/ teachers and authors that Ken studied with. Both were very influential to him as a teacher and performer. He also studied at Drummer’s Collective in New York City and participated in percussion and jazz clinics at The University of Miami from 1971-1975.

Ken currently performs and records with a variety of Rock, Jazz and Irish bands in the Philadelphia area. See his schedule posted on his website for bands and dates.

Styles Taught: All, including Rock, Jazz, & Latin

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Minimum Student Age Accepted: 3

Teaching Philosophy: "I try to give the students a firm foundation of basics. I try to have a thorough approach of material to be studied."

Availability: Saturday

Please call Springfield Music at 610-543-2244 for available lesson times.

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