Al Bien

Music Teacher at Springfield Music Store, Springfield, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Al Bien

Instruments Taught:

Al has been playing for 40 years.

Styles Taught: acoustic finger-picking and lead, using guitar to accompany your voice, basic understanding of musical language and expression

Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Teaching Philosophy: "I try to find out what the student knows and help them expand on their knowledge in an organic and common sense manner. To communicate better with other musicians, it is necessary to have at least a working knowledge of musical structure, chords, and how to simply and quickly play and interact with other musicians."

Availability: By Appointment

Please call Springfield Music at 610-543-2244 for available lesson times.

Store Hours
Monday - Wednesday:
1pm to 8pm
Thursday - Friday:
1pm to 6pm
10am to 5pm
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