Band Rentals


Springfield Music offers Band & Orchestra Instrument Rentals. We rent all types of band and string instruments.

Why Rent?

Customers often find it convenient to rent an instrument rather than buy until they determine the level of commitment their child has to practicing and learning that instrument. Our program offers an inexpensive and safe way to introduce your child to an instrument without the pressure of a large investment. All Rental Fees you pay can in the future be counted towards the purchase of the rented instrument.

Why Rent From Us?

We are a local affiliate for the Zeswitz band rental company. We keep a large stock of rental instruments available for immediate pickup. We also have a shop on the premises and can immediately service, repair or address any issues that might arise. Included in the monthly rental fee is a maintenance and replacement insurance package that is included in the case the item is lost or stolen or needs repair.

Normal wear items such as strings, bow hairs, cork, etc. are included in the rental price. We also stock plenty of music stands, reeds, oil, cork grease, cleaning cloths, and other accessories that your child will need for school band and musical instrument lessons. We have all of the common music instruction books used in school music instruction so you can rest assured that we will have the one required by your child’s school.

When your paid Rental Fees equal the purchase price of the instrument, you own that instrument it. If you decide to purchase the instrument sooner, you get a 20% discount off the remaining portion of the purchase price. Half your Rental Fees can apply towards a step-up or professional model.

Each student receives an introductory period for each instrument he or she rents.

We repair and maintain the rental instrument at no additional charge, and if necessary, we will replace the instrument. We may be able to provide a loaner instrument while repairs are being performed.

You can exchange a string instrument for a larger size at any time. You can exchange a band instrument for another like-new or used band instrument. All paid Rental Fees continue to apply to future purchase.

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