Al Bien CD ‘I Wrote a Love Song’ available for sale!

I have copies of my new CD “I Wrote a Love Song” available in the store. CDs are $15. Most of customers will probably be surprised I even play music, of course my friends know I do.

Download Now!
Hear excerpts of all 12 tracks.

Nine years in the making…I am kind of slow, there are 12 original songs in various styles.

Call the store at (610) 543-2244 if you want us to send you a copy ($3.00 shipping & handling) or you could also PayPal

I would like to thank everyone who helped with this CD, either playing or engineering. Especially my wife, Clara who is ever supportive and has never second guessed me. Even through building the studio to finding the money to support and complete this project. I wanted to make a CD so we bought a computer and began to record in the basement. What began as an idea developed into many late nights, framing, drywalling, wiring, insulation, painting and adding a ceiling and floor. Thanks to Erik Scattareggia, Greg Brady and especially Morris Mcfarland and Kevin Robison for the hours spent constructing making an unfinished basement into a recording studio.

Thanks to Joe McSorley for taking a couple rookies under his wing and helping us learn to record and mix. Greg Brady and Erik Scattareggia did most of the recording with some later work by Morris Mcfarland and myself. The three Nashville songs were produced by Grant Birchard with his contacts from Nashville and he helped upgrade, play some tracks and move the project on it’s way. Thanks to all the players credited later and too numerous to mention, hired guns and friends alike. Also thank you to Michele Offerman for the vocal lessons. I am also grateful to Craig Bickhardt, Larry Ahearn , Chris Adams, Ken Meyle, Matt Collins and Sherry Somach for taking the time to listen, critique and refocus my project. Iris Freeman, our loyal fan and supporter. And Ben Gall and Cobie Hoek for The Arts Scene which supported so much music in the area and encouraging my piano playing. Emmet Robinson for proofing the CD, boy can he find mistakes! And my third grade teacher Mrs. Swaveley…..okay…that’s enough!

Here it is as is.
A little bit about the songs:

“Carry Us Through”

A little ditty written with my college buddy Hank Sable in the early 80. Grant took the basic arrangement and reworked it with some Nashville players. Basically back to square one…add back in new acoustic rhythm and lead tracks and redo our vocals and we are on our way.

“I Wrote a Love Song”

Written several years ago inspired by Clara, my wife and best friend. Basically the song almost wrote itself late one night, I woke Clara up and she loved it right away. Her favorite of my songs. The beginning part we added on later. Grant took the basic arrangement and brought in some Nashville players and we added Peter Hayes on dobro and Grant played piano.

“Rescue Me”

Another song written probably early 80’s.

“We Remember You”

A song written about F.C. Collins, known to his friends as “Fritter”. Talented songwriter and longtime friend. We met in the Main Point basement in the early 70’s. He was there with his musical cohort Rick Bell. Gone too soon, and fondly remembered.

“Swimming Round in Circles”

A duet with my wife Clara, and kind of sums up our relationship. I am a Pisces swimming round in circles, can’t make up my mind. She’s an Aries and she knows what to do!

“Clara’s Song”

She’s my better half!

“Go with Me”

Another song written in the early 80’s. Kind of a duet and redone with Grant with Nashville players and Peter Hayes on pedal steel.

“Mr. Steinway’s in the House”

I’ve had a life long love affair with the piano. When I was three my brother Paul was born. During that time I stayed a few days at my grandparents house. They had a beautiful Steinway baby grand piano in the living room. I would sneak in and play on it until they would come in, pull me off the bench and send me down to their basement with the red, horribly out of tune red tack piano. I would sneak back to the old Steinway when the coast was clear. Love the piano!


Whatever happens, life is better shared than not and music is to be played rather than not played.

“I Will Stay with You”

A song inspired by my friend Vince Raimondo. It was getting to be Clara’s birthday. He told me I should marry her. I listened to him and have never been sorry. Full circle, I sang at his wedding ceremony and years later he sang at mine. Love you Vince, you are in my heart always!

“Remembering Caroline”

A song about my mom who raised my brother Paul and me by herself when divorce was not a common thing. I wish life could have been easier for her.

“The Long Way Home”

An instrumental, if you follow your heart you will find your way home.

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