Rock School

Springfield Rock School is taught by Jeff Raffie

and Joe Mass


Classes are currently being held on Monday and/or Tuesday afternoons

Springfield Music offers an 8-week Rock School, giving young musicians the opportunity to play with fellow musicians of similar interests and abilities who have a passion and drive to play rock ‘n roll music.

Students of Springfield Rock School will receive instruction on everything relevant to forming, rehearsing, and performing with a rock band. Springfield Rock School provides a performance opportunity for all students at the end of each 8-week session. Students of Springfield Rock School will
Learn by Doing!

Studies include: Instrument Instruction, Theory, Song Arrangement, Musical Terminology, Live Performance, and Band Member Communication.

We encourage, motivate, and inspire our students to take their playing to the next level. You will have Fun, gain Confidence, and improve your playing at Springfield Music Rock School.

Drummers, Saxophonists, Keyboardists, Singers, Guitarists, Bass Guitarists, Upright Bassists, Ukulele players, Accordion enthusiasts, Dobro pickers, fiddle players . . . come 1 come ALL . . . let’s Rock!!!

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